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What Is the Tested Range of the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

Have you been wondering what the tested range of the Tesla Model 3 Highland is, and whether it lives up to the claimed figures? In this blog post, we’ll uncover the truth behind the range of the latest Tesla addition.

What Is the Tested Range of the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

The Model 3 Highland shows an impressive average range of around 260 miles after testing on full charging. For the Long Range variant equipped with 18-inch rims, the range comes out to be approximately 330 miles. However, opting for 19-inch rims lowers the range by around 30 miles.

Steering wheel of a Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla asserts a range of 272 miles for the standard Model 3 Highland and 341 miles for the Long Range. Considering the tested and claimed results, the results are pretty impressive. Likewise, the feature of 175 miles addition per 15 minutes of charging relieves drivers of range anxiety further.

However, the tested result figures are subject to diverse factors such as environmental conditions and individual driving habits. These numbers came after driving in average weather. The speed was also kept constant at about 70 to 80 miles an hour.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Range Differ From Previous Versions?

Yes, the Highland has a slightly improved range if compared to previous versions. For instance, the Highland Long Range has a 341-mile range, while that of the 2023 version is about 333 miles. Though the enhancement is not big enough, even the slightest addition to the range matters greatly.

The Standard Range Highland is equipped with a 60 kWh LFP battery while the Long Range variant has a 78.1 kWh NFM battery. LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are known for safety and longevity, while NFM (Nickel Ferrous Manganese) batteries offer high energy density.

What Impacts the Range?

Various factors affect the range of an EV. The most prominent among those are discussed below:

1. Weather

In cold conditions, energy is diverted to cabin heating and battery warming. Similarly, while in hot weather, cooling systems operate to maintain passenger comfort and prevent battery overheating.

2. Speed

The harder you accelerate your EV, the more discharging will take place. However, the Highland is the most aerodynamic Tesla ever built, with a drag coefficient of just 0.219. This improvement has significantly reduced the impact of the “force to drag” factor.

Exterior of a white Tesla Model 3 Highland

3. Terrain

Varied topography directly influences the efficiency of an EV. Uphill climbs demand more energy, depleting the battery faster, while downhill descents may recover some energy through regenerative braking.

4. Accessories

The usage of accessories in electric vehicles, such as air conditioning or heating, can significantly impact range. Using the air condition alone can reduce the range by 31%.

5. Rim Size

Larger rims often contribute to increased aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance. They demand more energy to propel the vehicle. On the other hand, smaller rims generally enhance efficiency, allowing for better mileage on a single charge.

6. Weight

The physical weight of an electric vehicle, its load, and towing capacity impact range. Heavier loads demand more energy for propulsion. This, in turn, reduces the distance an EV can cover on a single charge.

7. Aging

Over time, chemical reactions within the battery lead to its degradation. It reduces the amount of energy it can store. On average, EV batteries degrade 2-3% every year.

Can You Enhance Your Tesla Model 3 Highland’s Range?

Practically no; technically yes. You cannot enhance your Model 3 Highland’s range; however, you can take certain steps to enhance battery efficiency, resulting in better range. Consider the following:

  • Smooth Driving: Accelerating an EV gradually and keeping the speed slow as you roll out can save you some miles.
  • Route Planning: Plan before you hit the road. Avoid traffic congestion and take the plain route.
  • Fewer Amenities Usage: The Model 3 Highland is equipped with great features like ventilated seats and LED ambiance lights. You need to cut down on their usage to make sure that the energy is not consumed unnecessarily.
  • Fewer Amenities Usage: The Model 3 Highland is equipped with great features like ventilated seats and LED environment lights. You need to cut down on their usage to make sure that the energy is not consumed unnecessarily.
  • Smaller Rims: As discussed earlier, increasing rim size can decrease your Model 3 Highland’s range. Opt for 18-inch rims instead of 19-inch ones for the best results.
  • Tire Pressure & Maintenance: Maintain optimal tire pressure for improved efficiency and reduced rolling resistance.
Interior of a Tesla Model 3 Highland

What Other Improvements Does the Tesla Model 3 Highland Bring?

The range of the Model 3 Highland sees an increase of only a few miles if compared to the previous versions. However, several other big improvements make this car worth purchasing. Here are a few of those:

  • Better Exterior: Tesla has revamped the Model 3 exterior, notably altering the front part by redesigning headlights, removing the "mustache" dimple, fog lights, and aero slits. The refined, lower nose enhances aerodynamic efficiency.
  • One-Piece Tail Lights: Tesla has redesigned the Model 3 taillights, now integrated as one-piece units opening with the trunk. This shift from the previous two-piece setup aims to enhance fit and finish.
  • New Wheel Design: Tesla has presented new wheel designs for both Standard and Long Range Model 3 Highland versions. Base models feature 18-inch "Portal" wheels, while the Long Range models showcase 19-inch "Nova" wheels.
  • New Colors: The Model 3 Highland has introduced two new paint colors: Stealth Grey, a subtle graphite with a metallic sparkle, and Ultra-Red, a vibrant metallic red that stands out in the desert sun.


Here are some related questions people ask often:

What Is the Range of Tesla Model 3 Highland in KM?

The range of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland in km comes out to be around 430 for the Standard Range and 540 for the Long Range.

How Did the Tesla Model 3 Highland Increase Its Range?

Tesla enhanced the range through battery innovations and by making the car more aerodynamic.

What's the Expected Range Decrease Over Time?

According to some studies, EV batteries lose a range of about 2 to 3% per year. This occurs because of chemical reactions and mechanical degradation.


The tested range of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland offers impressive results, reaching around 260 miles for the standard variant and approximately 330 miles for the Long Range with 18-inch rims. Various factors impact the range, from weather and speed to accessories and rim size.

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