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Do Tesla Model 3 Highlands Have Cup Holders?

It’s frustrating not having a dedicated drink spot in your car. As a Tesla enthusiast, I love how they prioritize convenience and functionality. With the latest Tesla sedan rolling out, you might wonder: Do Tesla Model 3 Highlands have cup holders? I reviewed the Highland, and here’s what I know. 

Do Tesla Model 3 Highlands Have Cup Holders? 

Yes, they do! The Tesla Model 3 Highland has two cup holders integrated into the center console. The rear seat also has a fold-down armrest with two more cup holders, perfect for your backseat passengers to drink.

Cup holder inserts placed on the car's dashboard

Tesla's minimalist design philosophy can sometimes lead to confusion about where features are located. Plus, older Model 3 versions had slightly different drink holder setups. It is wise to confirm these small details before purchasing any car, especially one as unique as a Tesla Model 3.

Notably, the drink holders in the Model 3 Highland are designed to accommodate various drink sizes. 

Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Design and Features 

Cup holders might seem simple. However, Tesla's approach adds a touch of sophistication and luxury. Let's explore how they're designed to hold your drinks securely while maintaining the Model 3's streamlined look.

  • Integrated Design: Tesla's drink holders are seamlessly built into the center console, keeping the interior uncluttered and aligned with its minimalist aesthetic.
  • Accommodating: The holders fit a variety of standard cup and bottle sizes. Whether it's your reusable water bottle or a takeaway coffee cup, it'll fit securely.
  • Stabilization: Some Tesla drink holders might feature rubberized inserts or adjustable tabs to help grip containers tightly, preventing spills while driving.

Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Importance 

Let's not overlook the humble cup holder! They play a surprisingly important role in our driving experience. Let's take a look at some important things about drink holders.

Car cup holders
  • Hydration on the Go: Whether you're sipping your morning coffee, refueling with an energy drink, or staying hydrated with water, drink holders are very important. They keep your drinks within easy reach, especially on longer road trips.
  • Spill Prevention: A well-placed cup holder can minimize the risk of spills inside your pristine Tesla. Distractions can be dangerous, and who wants sticky soda over their futuristic interior or clothes?
  • Everyday Convenience: Sometimes it's the little things that matter! Secure drink holders can let you focus on the road, knowing your drink is safely contained and not rolling around on the floor.
  • Comfort: Sipping your favorite beverage while cruising comfortably in your Model 3 Highland can add to the enjoyment of driving this impressive car.

Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Upgrades or Replacements 

While Tesla's cup holders look good and are functional, some owners want even more! Thankfully, the aftermarket offers several customization options:

  • Center Console Inserts: These specialized inserts can divide the existing drink holders, providing more slots and potentially even dedicated spots for smaller items like cans or sunglasses.
  • Third-Party Replacements: Some companies like Carwiner, Motrobe, and VION can make complete replacement drink holder units for the Model 3 High Land. These might offer additional features like adjustable sizing, a different whole design, or LED lighting for a fun touch.
  • DIY Solutions: Creative Model 3 owners can explore DIY cup holder additions. This includes leveraging the car's trunk (front trunk) for extra beverage storage or creating custom mounts in other locations.

Tesla Model 3 Interior Design Philosophy 

Understanding Tesla's design philosophy helps clarify their choices with drink holders. Let's explore some factors Tesla focuses on for its unique and customized interior design.

Tesla center console with wood trim
  • Extreme Minimalism: The Model 3 Highland pushes minimalism further than other Tesla models. This means very few physical buttons, hidden air vents, and a desire for a clean, streamlined look.
  • Emphasis on the Screen: Nearly everything is controlled through the central touchscreen. Some drivers find this intuitive and modern, while others need to learn about traditional physical controls.
  • Open and Spacious Feel: The minimalist Highland interior storage and expansive panoramic glass roof create a sense of spaciousness inside the car. Drink holders are cleverly integrated to avoid disrupting this feeling.

Tesla Model 3 Highland Top Features

The Model 3 Highland interior features are designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. Some of the top features are:

  • Infotainment Displays: The car has a large 15.4-inch front display and an 8-inch rear display for entertainment and information.
  • Premium Audio System: Equipped with a 17-speaker premium audio system for high-quality sound.
  • Heated, Ventilated, Adjustable Seats: The front seats can be heated, ventilated, and adjusted electronically for comfort.
  • Wireless Smartphone Chargers: The Highland features two wireless smartphone chargers for easy charging while on the go.
  • Lighting: Offers ambient lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the car.
  • Premium Fabric Dashboard: The dashboard is made of premium fabric for a luxurious look and feel.

Related Questions

We've covered the basics of Model 3 Highland cup holders. Regardless, you might still have a few lingering questions. Let's dive into some of them!

Do Teslas Have Cup Holders in the Back? 

Yes, Model 3’s have a fold-down armrest in the rear seat with two built-in cup holders for your passengers to enjoy their good time while traveling.

Do Tesla Cup Holders Have Heating or Cooling Functions? 

Tesla drink holders don’t have built-in temperature control features to help heat or cool beverages. However, third-party accessories are available that you can install in the drink holders to provide temperature control for your drinks. 

These accessories typically use a semiconductor temperature control chip to maintain the desired temperature. They’re designed to fit perfectly into the drink holders of Tesla vehicles.

Where Are the Cup Holders in a Tesla? 

Tesla places two drink holders in the front center console and two in the rear seat's fold-down passenger armrest.


Cup holders are a practical solution for keeping drinks secure and within reach, improving the driving experience. Tesla's designers’ and engineers’ commitment to user comfort is evident in the addition of drink holders in the Model 3 Highland, along with many other innovative features that contribute to its general appeal.

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