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Are Tesla Highland and Model Y Floor Mats the Same?

Looking at Tesla’s Highland and Model Y, you might wonder: Are Tesla Highland and Model Y Floor Mats the Same? While it’s a quirky question, there’s more to it than you might realize. Today, we look at both cars to see how their car mats stack up to each other. 

Are Tesla Highland and Model Y Floor Mats the Same?

No, Tesla Highland and Model Y floor mats are not the same. While they share similarities in their primary function of covering and protecting the car's interior, alongside secondary functions, they possess distinct features that outline their differences. 

Floor mat liners inside a Tesla vehicle

These distinct features are tailored to match the design, fit, and attachment requirements that stem from variations in the floor layout of both Tesla electric vehicles. 

The Highland’s floor mat design caters to the floor dimensions and contours of the Highland. Likewise, the Model Y car mats are customized to match the interior specifications of the Model Y. Let’s look into the floor mats for each of these Tesla models.

Similarities Between Highland and Model Y Floor Mats

As we said earlier, both Tesla models come with floor liners that share certain similarities. These features safeguard the interior of both Tesla models. Here’s an overview of the similarities between the floor mats of both cars: the Highland and Model Y.

  • Material Type: Tesla uses the same materials for the Highland and Model Y car mat sets. These include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) materials like thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and cross-linked polyethylene (XPE). These materials are known for being lightweight, odorless, durable, temperature and scratch-resistant, and easy to clean up
  • Eco-Friendliness: The materials used in the manufacturing of the floor liners for the Highland and Model Y are 100% recyclable and free from cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. This adds to Tesla’s ecological appeal.
  • All-Weather Protection: The car mats for both Tesla cars offer protection from different weather conditions. Featuring vertical walls that help protect the interior carpet, their design helps protect the car's interior from dirt, mud, snow, and spills. 
  • Custom Fit: Both floor liners cater specifically to the requirements of their corresponding vehicle. This means they provide maximum protection and spatial coverage for you.

Differences Between Highland and Model Y Floor MatsVarious kinds of mat liners of a Tesla

Many features are different between the floor mats of both Tesla electric vehicles. Here’s a list of the distinctive features 

Model-Specific Design

Both electric vehicles have distinctive interior dimensions and floor layouts. This accounts for specific design changes for both floor mats. 

Attachment Mechanisms

Tesla Highland might feature custom attachment points on the floor to accommodate specific floor liners. Alternatively, like the Model Y, it could depend on hook-and-loop fasteners (like Velcro) or rely on textured, anti-slip backing to keep the mats in place. The exact method depends on the manufacturer and type of mat you choose.

Material Composition

While both electric vehicles make use of the same materials for their custom-fit mats, the chemistry makes a subtle difference. 

  • Carpet Quality: While both offer carpeted mats, the Highland uses a denser, more luxurious carpet. Think of the difference between a basic rug and a plush one.
  • Rubber/TPE Specificity: Rubber or TPE mats in the Highland use a slightly different composition compared to that used in the Model Y. This makes the custom-fit mats of the Highland thicker, softer to the touch, and a bit more stain and odor-resistant than standard mats.

Rear Floor Mat Configuration

Having different rear custom-fit mat configurations means different Tesla mat requirements for both Tesla cars.

  • Seamless One-Piece Design: The Highland offers a more advanced one-piece rear mat with a central fold or hinge, compared to the Model Y, which has a one-piece design with raised edges. This makes removing and cleaning the rear floor liners much easier than with the traditional, rigid, one-piece design in the Model Y. 
  • Enhanced Two-Piece Protection: The Highland has a two-piece rear mat option with a raised lip or connecting flap over the center seam. This provides the convenience of individual mats while better-preventing dirt from collecting in the center gap. 

Floor mat liners on the front seat of a Tesla

Tesla Floor Mat Options

The EV aftermarket market size continues to grow exponentially. Currently, Tesla Model Y owners benefit from a more extensive catalog of aftermarket floor liners to select from. On the other hand, Highland owners experience limited access to accessories as it's a new trim level. Manufacturers will roll out more car mats tailored to suit the Highland as time passes.

Related Questions

Let's explore some of your questions about the floor liners of both Tesla electric vehicles. 

Can I Use My Model Y Mats in the Highland Until Specific Ones Are Available?

Using the mats in one car in the other is not recommended. This is because both cars have different interiors and floor layouts, and the floor liners are designed to fit each specific model. 

Will Existing Tesla Model 3 Mats Fit either the Highland or Model Y? 

No, existing Tesla Model 3 mats are incompatible with either of the car models highlighted. For starters, the Model 3s and Model Ys have different design measurements, making the requirements for floor liners different. This also applies to the Highland. Although it's part of the Model 3 lineup, it's a newer trim level featuring slight differences in design dimensions.

Where’s the Best Place to Find the Right Floor Mats?

There are multiple sources to find the perfect car mat for your Tesla electric vehicle. For starters, you can visit any Tesla store near you or browse Tesla's online stores. Likewise, you can shop for Tesla floor liners from a reputable aftermarket supplier. 

Are Aftermarket Floor Mats a Better Option for Tesla Model Y Owners?

Aftermarket floor liners can be a good option for Tesla Model Y owners as they have access to more options than shopping at Tesla stores. 


Tesla offers a wide variety of accessories that cater to aesthetics and functionality. The Tesla floor mats are no different, offering much-needed coverage and protection for your car's interior. 

Still, you need to stick to the floor mat buyer's rule: Only buy a floor mat that's specific to your model. 

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